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Streets of HK

Streets of Hong Kong

Weight Model- Product Image Item Name Price
0.02 HK046M HK046M Traditional Chinese Bench - Matte

HK046M Traditional Chinese Bench - Matte

A simple wooden bench suitable for all our seated figures. Our seated figures include HK111 Old Man with Long Pipe, HK112 Sitting Mother and...

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1.5 HK071 HK071 Tea House Facade

HK071 Tea House Facade

It fits perfectly with the Dim Sum set (HK068). The figure is for scale only and it is not included.

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1 HK102M HK102M The Opium Smokers Set (Matte)

HK102M The Opium Smokers Set (Matte)

Two rich young men partake of a pipe or two to while away the hours. Nearby the Opium seller watches over them while a pretty young servant girl...

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1 HK104G HK104G Chinese Kitchen Set

HK104G Chinese Kitchen Set

While the maids do some of the work a burly chef labours away with his meat cleaver and presides over a traditional stone stove/ kitchen table...

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0 HK108M HK108M Grandmother & Child (Matte)

HK108M Grandmother & Child (Matte)

A grandma is taking her grandson for a walk.

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0.3 HK111 HK111 Old Man with Long Pipe

HK111 Old Man with Long Pipe

A common scene in old China. This seated figure puffs away contentedly watching the world go by. The bench (HK046) is not included

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0.5 HK114G HK114G 3 Food Barrels (gloss)

HK114G 3 Food Barrels (gloss)

Three barrels of fish, meat and vegetables, which you can add onto your "Dai Pai Dong" set.

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0.25 HK119M HK119M Man w/Bird Cage (Matte)

HK119M Man w/Bird Cage (Matte)

A wealthy young mandarin about to examine a hand-made birdcage, its cover and its feathered occupant.

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0.75 HK120M HK120M Bird Shop Set (Matte)

HK120M Bird Shop Set (Matte)

A bird merchant about to offer his prosperous client an alternative choice. On the table next to him are three other cages. A birdcage maker working...

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2 HK124 HK124 Bird Shop Facade

HK124 Bird Shop Facade

This structure features an upper balcony on which collectors can place figures to add interest. This facade fits perfectly with HK119 Man with Bird...

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