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Streets of HK

Streets of Hong Kong

Weight Model- Product Image Item Name Price
0.02 HK046M HK046M Traditional Chinese Bench - Matte

HK046M Traditional Chinese Bench - Matte

A simple wooden bench suitable for all our seated figures. Our seated figures include HK111 Old Man with Long Pipe, HK112 Sitting Mother and...


1 HK093 HK093 Boy on Water Buffalo

HK093 Boy on Water Buffalo

Boy on Water buffalo


1 HK102M HK102M The Opium Smokers Set (Matte)

HK102M The Opium Smokers Set (Matte)

Two rich young men partake of a pipe or two to while away the hours. Nearby the Opium seller watches over them while a pretty young servant girl...


1 HK104G HK104G Chinese Kitchen Set

HK104G Chinese Kitchen Set

While the maids do some of the work a burly chef labours away with his meat cleaver and presides over a traditional stone stove/ kitchen table...


0 HK108M HK108M Grandmother & Child (Matte)

HK108M Grandmother & Child (Matte)

A grandma is taking her grandson for a walk.


0.25 HK119M HK119M Man w/Bird Cage (Matte)

HK119M Man w/Bird Cage (Matte)

A wealthy young mandarin about to examine a hand-made birdcage, its cover and its feathered occupant.


0.75 HK120M HK120M Bird Shop Set (Matte)

HK120M Bird Shop Set (Matte)

A bird merchant about to offer his prosperous client an alternative choice. On the table next to him are three other cages. A birdcage maker working...


0.25 HK147M HK147M Photographer (Matte)

HK147M Photographer (Matte)

Hidden under a black cape this Chinese photographer readies himself to capture the perfect image.


0.25 HK149M HK149M Plum Seller (Matte

HK149M Plum Seller (Matte



1 HK152M HK152M Curio Seller (Matte)

HK152M Curio Seller (Matte)

Even now in Hong Kong you can still see people selling curios and other decorative items...right on the pavement. Here a customer closely scrutinizes...


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