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D Day British

Weight Model- Product Image Item Name Price
3 DD051 DD051 Churchill Tank Set

DD051 Churchill Tank Set

One of the 6th Guards Tank Brigade's Churchills. It's in the markings of the 3rd Btn. Scots Guards and aptly named "DUNKIRK", it also has "Winston's...


1.2 DD052 DD052 Lord Lovat Command Group

DD052 Lord Lovat Command Group

Brigadier Lord Lovat, the most famous Commando leader, and his command section. With him are his personal bagpiper, Bill Millin, a radio operator and...


1.2 DD053 DD053 Commando Attack Group

DD053 Commando Attack Group

A lying prone Bren gunner backed up by three other "in action" Commandos armed with Lee Enfield rifles and a "Tommy gun".


1.2 DD054 DD054 Beach Master Set

DD054 Beach Master Set

Royal Navy Commander Colin Maude and his dog "Winston" are directing traffic on "SWORD BEACH". A Royal Navy signaler, a radio loudspeaker and a...


0.4 DD055 DD055 Winston Churchill

DD055 Winston Churchill

Churchill is realistically depicted as he was on D.Day +6 when he landed in Normandy to see the situation for himself dressed in naval uniform.


1.2 DD057 DD057 Commando Attack

DD057 Commando Attack

Led by an NCO firing his 'Sten' gun three more Commandos rush into attack. Two men are armed with the ever reliable LEE ENFIELD rifles whilst the...


2 DD058 DD058 Taking Prisoners

DD058 Taking Prisoners

Two walking-wounded Waffen SS officers are escorted by a rifle-toting Commando. Watching this little scene is a British Military Policeman sitting...


2 DD059 DD059 Bren Gun Carrier Set

DD059 Bren Gun Carrier Set

This latest version is, without doubt, our most detailed and accurate one yet. Our carrier, in the markings of the British 3rd Infantry Division, is...


1.2 DD064 DD064 "Tommy" Patrol

DD064 "Tommy" Patrol

The Poor Bloody Infantry. Four weary but watchful "Toms" make their way forward. Check out any photos of British infantry in Normandy or afterwards...


4 DD116 DD116 Cromwell MK IV Tank

DD116 Cromwell MK IV Tank

Providing some of the armour support during the Normandy campaign was one of Britain’s best tanks and finest armoured divisions. Our latest...


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