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Ancient Egypt

Weight Model- Product Image Item Name Price
5 AE003 AE003__Chariott Set

AE003__Chariott Set

“The Prince of Egypt Chariot” Set. This superbly detailed piece is exactly as you’ve seen it in our advertisements and brochures....


3 AE018 AE018 Pair of Sphinx

AE018 Pair of Sphinx

AE18 "Pair of Sphinx Statues". These stone monuments often formed an avenue leading up to a Temple gateway and were thought to be 'guardians' of the...


1.5 AE021 AE021 Banquet Guests Set I

AE021 Banquet Guests Set I

Banquet Guests Set 1. An Egyptian Nobleman takes his ease on a reclining banquette. Sitting on the floor next to him…his favourite concubine.


0.4 AE028 AE028 Nubian Slave Guard

AE028 Nubian Slave Guard

“Nubian Slave Guard” Nubians were famous for their physical strength and loyalty. Although a slave himself this particular Nubian guards...


0.4 AE031 AE031 The Drummer

AE031 The Drummer

The Drummer A ceremonial musician who usually accompanied the "Master of Ceremonies".


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