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Ancient Egypt

Weight+ Model Product Image Item Name Price
0.4 AE028 AE028 Nubian Slave Guard

AE028 Nubian Slave Guard

“Nubian Slave Guard” Nubians were famous for their physical strength and loyalty. Although a slave himself this particular Nubian guards...


0.4 AE031 AE031 The Drummer

AE031 The Drummer

The Drummer A ceremonial musician who usually accompanied the "Master of Ceremonies".


1.5 AE021 AE021 Banquet Guests Set I

AE021 Banquet Guests Set I

Banquet Guests Set 1. An Egyptian Nobleman takes his ease on a reclining banquette. Sitting on the floor next to him…his favourite concubine.


3 AE018 AE018 Pair of Sphinx

AE018 Pair of Sphinx

AE18 "Pair of Sphinx Statues". These stone monuments often formed an avenue leading up to a Temple gateway and were thought to be 'guardians' of the...


5 AE003 AE003__Chariott Set

AE003__Chariott Set

“The Prince of Egypt Chariot” Set. This superbly detailed piece is exactly as you’ve seen it in our advertisements and brochures....


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