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WS082 Winter MG42 Set


This is a very good set. The MG42 figure and the officer/NCO with the MP40 are particularly well rendered. The facial expression on the soldier with the grenade is a bit odd, but given what he is doing that is probably ok. Weapons and clothing have good detail (hobnail boots) and texture. The MG42 looks to be the fearsome weapon it was in the heavy configuration. The posing of the officer/NCO with his hand up and binoculars focused ahead gives a sense that something is about to happen. The soldier with the grenade seems somewhat out of place with the other two figures. He is in a close combat pose, while the other two are preparing for a long range engagement requiring optics. To my mind this set works better with the kneeling officer with the flare gun from WS86. WS82 also goes well with the winter Gepard, and would display well in an east front defensive diorama featuring the Totenkopf division.
Jeff White
Date Added: 05/03/2007 by Jeffrey White
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